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The juicers you need found on Amazon!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been drinking juicer juice. As a child every morning before school, and every evening after dinner there would be a tall glass of juice waiting for me on the kitchen table. Mama Taylor is who I call the OG juicer. She has been juicing close to 25 years now and she still juices today! Because of her commitment to living a healthier life, I too naturally gravitated towards it.

Once you have started to incorporate juicing into your life you will quickly begin to see its benefits. You are really getting the most out of your fruits and vegetables. Juicing promotes more energy, builds your immune system, hydrates your body, and even improves digestive health! That’s just the short list of benefits. So if you are considering tweaking your lifestyle for the better then I highly recommend juicing!

This model is the Jack Lalane's Power Juicer

Have you noticed that juicers can be a bit expensive? This is because your machine is doing all the heavy lifting. At its best, your juicer should be able to break down the fruits and vegetables quickly, efficiently and in a relatively quiet manner. The juice produced should contain no pulp and the trash should be fairly dry—indicating that you have squeezed all the juice from your fruit. In the end you should have a tall glass of freshly squeezed delicious juice!

Since I know that most of us are on a budget and first time juicers I’ve created a short list of juicers that you can find on Amazon. By the end of this blog post I hope to provide you with some affordable options to help jump start your new lifestyle! 1. Hamilton Beach (Big Mouth Juicer 67608C)

First on this short list is the Hamilton Beach Juicer, which is rated 4 out of 5 stars. This juicer has two speeds, the first is for soft fruits like apples and oranges, and the second is for hard veggies like carrots and beets. This machine has a wide mouth so you don't have to worry about cutting your fruits and veggies. Just wash 'em and juice 'em! If you are looking to grow your confidence as a juicer this may be the one for you!

2. Aicok Juicer

Click HERE

If you are looking for something small and compact, the Aicok Juicer might be for you! It has three speeds instead of two, first speed for soft juices, second speed for harder veggies, and “P” for pulse. Because it’s so small it’s also easy to clean. This is another great option if you are new to juicing

3. Breville JE98XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus

Click HERE

Breville is a good and trust worthy brand. This juicer has everything! It has two speeds, a wide feed mouth for fruits and veggies and it even come with a jug that separates the foam from the juice. This juicer is heavy duty, and is sure to last you a very long time.

When selecting a juicer I reccomend that you understand what you want out of your juicer. That'll help you to decide the jucier suited for you. Juicing has really changed my life forthe better. It provides me with a lot of healthier choices. Let me know if you liked this review and if you eneded up buying one. Happy juicing!

Love and blessings,

Grace Taylor



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